Revive Tx ReviveTX is a united movement of churches across Dallas/Fort Worth as the one Body of Christ, for the sake of seeing our community revived by the power of the Gospel. ReviveTX events consist of a time of equipping for believers, followed by an opportunity to go out in the community and actively practice the sharing of our faith in Christ, through prayer and personal connections.

The ReviveTX effort is 7 weeks, starting on Easter Sunday (April 16th) and concluding on Sunday, June 4th. Everyone is encouraged to participate in at least one Equip & Go (see below).

Equip & Go Schedule

reviveTX Schedule April 16 - June 4, 2017

Every day, Monday through Saturday, there is a morning and an afternoon outreach time (Equip & Go). Each day concludes with an evening worship and celebration service.

(Monday - Thursday: simultaneously in 10 regions across DFW) (Friday - Saturday: at 1 Central Location)


@ Host Church:

New Day Church in Southlake

(Monday-Thursday in 121's "Light Purple" Region)

  • 7am: Prayer
  • 8am: Breakfast
  • 9am: Training & Outreach

@ Noontime Church:

Mondays in Light Purple Region: Grace Community Church

Tuesdays in Light Purple Region: 121cc

Wednesdays in Light Purple Region: Grace Community Assembly Of God

Thursdays in Light Purple Region: St Nicholas Episcopal Church

• 12pm: Testimonies  

• 1pm: Lunch  

• 2pm: Training & Outreach

@ Host Church:

New Day Church in Southlake

(Monday-Thursday in 121's "Light Purple" Region)

• 5:30pm: Dinner  • 7pm: Service

Friday-Saturday Location Options


  • 7am: Prayer
  • 8am: Breakfast
  • 9am: Training & Outreach
  • 12pm: Testimonies
  • 1pm: Lunch
  • 2pm: Training & Outreach
  • 5:30pm: Dinner
  • 7pm: Service

Other Ways To Get Involved

Discipleship Team

Every person who expresses an interest in meeting to talk more about the Gospel will be followed up within 24 hours during the ReviveTX effort.

If you are interested in learning more, contact Brett Shannon who is coordinating ReviveTX discipleship for 121.

Learn more about this opportunity here or sign up for more info here.

Host Homes

People are coming from all over the U.S. to work alongside us in the ReviveTX effort!

Volunteers just need a bed and a shower; ReviveTX will take care of meals and transportation Monday through Saturday. 

If you can provide a room for an individual or couple to stay for a few days or even a few weeks, register as a host home here (be sure to register as a local participant, and select the Light Purple region).


When Is The ReviveTX Effort Taking Place?

The ReviveTX effort is 7 weeks, starting on Easter Sunday (April 16th) and concluding on Sunday, June 4th. Everyone is encouraged to participate in at least one Equip & Go (see below), ideally in April to get us started off strong.

How Can My Kids Participate?

Every day, Monday – Saturday, during the morning and afternoon Equip & Go times, all kids are encouraged to go with their parents to create family opportunities.

Monday-Thursday, during the evening worship times at the Regional Host Church, kids ministry is available for birth-PreK.

Wednesday nights of each week, there is full children’s programming for birth through 5th grade.

Who is organizing ReviveTX?

ReviveTX is organized by Time to Revive, a non-denominational ministry that focuses on equipping followers of Jesus to share the Gospel and make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20).

This is done in partnership with hundreds of churches around DFW, representing many denominations but aligned on the basic message of the Gospel (the good news of Jesus Christ).

Teaching in the Equip & Go times and the evening adult worship times is led by ReviveTX, and the children’s ministry will use ReviveTX curriculum led by ReviveTX staff and volunteers from local churches in each region.

For more information, see the Time to Revive Belief Statement and explore their website.

Are There Any Training Resources?

Training will be made available on a daily basis when you show up for an Equip & Go.

5 short videos that can help prepare you are listed here.

What If I Live or Work In A Different Region? Can I Still Participate?

Yes, if you live or work in Dallas for example, all people are encouraged to jump in whatever region best fits for them. Click here to see a map of the different locations.

Can My Business or School Participate?

Yes, if you would like to invite the ReviveTX team to come share in your workplace or school, see below:

Business - Invite the ReviveTX outreach teams to come pray for your employees and/or clients! Or partner with us to advance the Gospel through financial sponsorship. School - Bless your school community by inviting ReviveTX teams to come pray and share the Gospel with students and/or staff at optional gatherings before or after clubs, athletic practices, or meetings.

You can get more information on this by clicking here.

To see an example of how this could take place, click here.

I Have A Question That’s Not Listed. Who Do I Contact?

Check out the ReviveTX website or contact Rodney Howell.