In the greatest story of all, God sent His Son to live and die on our behalf. To make a way for us to come to Him, to experience Him and to know Him intimately.

Lives are transformed by this story of redemption and rescue. Lives are transformed by the Gospel, the truth that God would choose to save us through Jesus. As believers in this truth, we can look at the events and circumstances of our lives, in light of the Gospel, and find that God is allowing us to be a part of this bigger story, His bigger story.

Our hope is to tell stories of God’s great love in the lives of people here at 121, stories of life transformation, each a part of and pointing back to God’s story of the redemption of humanity. We hope that these stories encourage and strengthen your faith and empower you to tell God’s story in your own life, to encourage others and to make much of God, who saves and rescues sinners to abundant life and joy.