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Interested in becoming a Ministry Champ?

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” - Mark 10:45

Just as Jesus came to serve and give His life away for others, we too are called to serve others with our lives out of a love for Him and His people.

So, if you have a heart to serve, a desire to support, love, and champion the cause for 121 Students, then look no further! 121 Students is looking for influencers like you to champion the ministry. Here are different ways you can help be a part of our team of champions!

Adult Serving Roles


This role will:

  • Manage appointments, update the ministry calendar, order ice cream, etc.
  • Run really cool ministry reports and track attendance.
  • Communication support for upcoming worship, events, and all the amazing things we have going on.
  • Prepare training materials for our fearless leaders.
  • Assist in compiling assets (informational and encouragement) for weekly emails.
  • Send weekly email updates to LifeGroup leaders and parents.
  • Grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as a member of 121 Community Church.

This person has these skills:

  • Great Communicator
  • Organized and focused
  • Team player
  • Know how to work on a computer- Google Drive, Office, something.

Events Team

This role will:

  • Work on vision, planning, and implementation of events.
  • Create an annual plan for students events including promotion, securing contracts, champ placement, layout, planning, executing, etc.
  • Student Events includes: Camp, LIVE, summer events, Christmas party, fall party, worship events, missions, and more.
  • Effective management of the event budget.
  • Consult with other ministries as needed for events.
  • Coordinate communications for events.

LifeGroup Leader

This role will:

  • Lead a small group of students in relational discipleship.
  • Meet consistently on a weekly basis and interact with students during the week.
  • Communicate with parents on a regular basis.
  • Participate in events and activities as related to student ministries.
  • Actively seek to grow in your faith while facilitating growth in students.
  • Work with ministry leaders to implement vision with provided content.
  • Able to take ownership of the group and grow together.

Wednesday Night Team

These roles will:

  • Assist in setting up and breaking down for worship nights.
  • Check-in- welcome students and check in station management.
  • Hospitality- food (can include ordering, pick up, set-up, service), sanitizing, clean-up.
  • Perimeter Monitor- watch area surrounding students.
  • Floater- help fill in where needed.

Teaching Team

These roles will:

  • Preach and teach Gods word to students
  • Speaking roles periodically on Sundays and Wednesdays
  • Speaking at special events for students

Student Mentorship

This role will:

  • Invest focused time with a student in discipleship.
  • Meet consistently as schedules allow.
  • Communicate with ministry leads.
  • Lead student to live for Jesus through ministry-approved content.

LifeGroup Leader Care Team

This role will:

  • Contact lifegroup leaders during the week to check in, care for, and encourage them.
  • Find out direct needs for leaders- both personal and for lifegroup meetings.
  • Communicate and manage needs for leaders with ministry leadership.
  • Assist leaders in planning/scheduling events for their groups.
  • Assist in on-boarding for new leaders.
  • Communicate bi-annual safety and policy updates to leaders.

Student Family Care Team

This role will:

  • Coordinate student mentor needs.
  • Communicate family needs that arise.
  • Send meals, cards, etc. as needed to families.
  • Communicate birthdays to leaders.
  • Assist in navigating family needs with 121 Care Team, as needed.
  • Praying with families.
  • Follow-up with families.

Interested in an adult serving role?

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Student Serving Roles

Student Event Planning

This role will:

  • Meet quarterly to plan events for students.
  • Meet weekly leading up to events for coordination and implementation.
  • Use creative vision to engage both student members and visitors.
  • Lead out in specific event roles as desired.

Communications Role

This role will:

  • Send weekly communication per the ministry calendar.
  • Use 121 Students accounts to send Groupme, Remind and email messages to parent and student groups.
  • Keep people connected through communications!

Student Room Organizer

This role will:

  • Help us keep our crazy closet organized!
  • Come on a quarterly basis (or more if you REALLY want to).
  • Straighten, pick up, and help things find their place in the Students area.

Student Mentor

This role will:

  • High School students partner with younger students to disciple and mentor them.
  • Help point others to Jesus and a biblical perspective in how they live their lives.
  • Schedules vary based on individual availability.
  • Commitment includes 1 semester, and can be extended with mutual agreement.

Tech and Media Team

This role will:

  • Shadow then lead on running (media/sound) board for worship.
  • Take pictures and/or videos for social media.
  • Assist in set-up and/or run of live-stream.
  • Monitor chat and other virtual interaction.
  • Work with current ministry leads on social creative vision and content.
  • Meet once a month.
  • Attend all ministry-related events.

Student Worship Team

This role will:

  • Serve on a mentor-led worship team to grow in Christ, and develop worship gifts.
  • Attend meetings, retreats, and perform for student events.
  • Meet every other week, and for special events.

Interested in a student serving role?

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Student Leadership Training Program

This role will:

  • Attend bi-weekly meetings
  • Be Active in large group and in life (small) group
  • Make an effort to participate in church-wide service opportunities
  • Serve in an area of the church (lifegroup assistant, hospitality, creationland, etc.)
  • Make an effort to attend ministry-related events