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If you love Me, you will keep My commandments. 

On Sunday, we heard the good news of the problem of evil is that God has done something to mitigate evil in the world. We spoke about the different dimensions of this idea, but they all come back to one central point: one powerful way to mitigate evil in the world is to obey God.

We need to be careful here, because we should never think that we can obey God so well that we never sin. That is impossible, and goes against the teaching of the gospel. But when we obey God out of love for Him, we are turning the rule of this world upside down.

We limit the force of evil in this world when we live according to God’s standards instead of our own. God’s standards will never lead us into evil because God is not responsible for evil, nor can He co-exist with it. All of God’s commands are good and lead us away from evil. Thus, as we obey God in our relationships, in the world, and as governing authority, the evil in this world is restrained.

However, we recognize that this obedience is not something we can muster up. We earn death through the evil we do, but when we live by the Spirit we walk into life and grace. Obedience to God’s commands only happens when we live through the Spirit—He is the source of our obedience.

  • What tempts you to reject God’s commandments as the first man and woman did?
  • When has obeying God’s commands led to blessing in your life? Explain.
  • Pray that you would demonstrate your love for Jesus through your obedience to His commands.