While there would be a number of places for us to turn in the midst of one more tragedy, the 23rd Psalm is a familiar word of comfort and strength in the midst of dark days. We actually find confidence for the deepest and darkest valleys in this intimate song. For those times when evil lurks in the shadows and unsuspectingly delivers a devastating blow to people created in the image of God, we can lean into Him for hope in moving forward. His presence is what sustains, strengthens, and upholds us.

While God walks alongside us, He invites us into walking alongside those who are hurting, uncertain, and fearful of the days ahead. Genuine prayer to God on behalf of those who are being treated in the hospital, those families and friends who have now experienced the death of someone they love and value, healing for those who have been traumatized by what they have just experienced, protection and wisdom for first responders, stamina and precision for doctors and nurses, and insight for city, state, and national leaders.  

And let’s be prayerful for pastors, church leaders, and followers of Christ to dive deeply into the darkness with as many as possible to offer light, encouragement, and hope!

We weep with those who weep. And we trust God to faithfully carry us in the midst of a broken world until all is made right in the end!

Thanks for being a church who loves with both depth and width.