121 New General T42
He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, Which yields its fruit in its season And its leaf does not wither; And in whatever he does, he prospers.    

Everyone is guilty of having the thought: “If I just had ________, then I would he happy.” Looking at happiness this way is unhelpful because if the psalmist is to be believed, we can never find happiness in things. Yet God has put in each one of us a deep sense that the world is not as it should be because God’s law is written on our hearts (Rom. 2:14-15). The roots of happiness are not in things, but in God.

When we root our happiness in God and locate it in His Word, we become like a tree that is planted with its roots extending outward toward a vast and growing tree. Jesus said that we would know His followers by their fruit. So how do we get that fruit? By planting ourselves near the overflowing stream of God’s Word. There, we find living water that will quench the thirst of our soul and renew us day by day.

Long-term spiritual growth is not possible unless we plant ourselves next to this stream. Neither is long-term happiness. All we get without it are lesser joys that have the appearance of true happiness but with none of the power. So many people want to be happy, and all people can be happy when they find their purpose in God.

  • Why is prosperity connected with rooting your life in God’s Word? How have you found this to be true in your experience?
  • Would you say that you are abiding in Christ and planted by the stream right now?
  • Pray that you would not accept lesser substitutes, and you would always return to God’s fountain for your happiness.