18 For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us

How quickly does your faith waver when confronted with grave difficulties? 

Paul knew the strains of life. Difficulty was woefully familiar to him. In fact, what he faced makes most of our hardships seem pretty tame in comparison.

What a great verse to turn to when we are struggling! Paul proclaimed that our perspective can alter how we endure trials. With a proper outlook, we can transition from misery to joy in suffering by keeping our eyes fixed on God’s incredible promises. Someone once put it like this: “A future focus affects present perseverance.”

Because of Jesus, we are more than conquerors in this life. Just look at the confidence Paul had even when all the odds were against him. It is there for you, too! We have hope since we know there is an incomparable glory that awaits us—a glory beyond description, greater than anything we can imagine. Our present sufferings will seem small compared to all the blessings of eternity with God. 

Paul was homesick for heaven. Are you?

  • How does the hope of eternity with God change your perspective on your current difficulties?
  • How can you share this hope with others today?
  • Pray for the ability to face challenges with the conviction that they will not compare to the glory you will experience when Jesus returns.