Beloved, if our heart does not condemn us, we have confidence before God;

How do you know that God lives within you? 

1 John has the answer. You know because of the Holy Spirit inside of you. God gave us His Spirit to lead us to Him and to act for Him. The Holy Spirit confirms our relationship with God.

Whatever we starve will die. And whatever we feed will thrive. When we feed the Spirit, bountiful fruit and blessings will overflow in our life. If we feed our flesh, sin abounds and it becomes more difficult to hear God’s voice. It drives us farther from our destined path and into guilt and shame. 

When we obey God’s Spirit and practice real love, there is no condemnation. We can have confidence to ask Him what we need, as we walk in His will. There is a boldness that comes with keeping His commands. 

Feed the Spirit today. Die to yourself. Then, whatever we ask will be given to us (Matthew 7:7). 

• Where is your heart not aligned with God’s? What do you need to change?
• What do you need to do to further cultivate hunger for the things of God?
• Thank God for sending His Holy Spirit to be with us as a witness to our relationship with Him.