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Most of how we live for Christ is “as you go." However, we need to build in regular rhythms of pausing that allow us to draw closer to God and fuel us in the “as you go” - things like gathering to worship, meeting in LifeGroups, and time alone with God at the Table for Two. In addition, there are certain times when we want to pause to be further equipped in certain areas of the “as you go." These are areas that meet a very tangible need for many people and give us an opportunity to show how the gospel addresses these everyday issues.

Our hope at 121 is to offer opportunities that meet very tangible needs as well as show how the gospel addresses everyday issues. To accomplish this, each semester we will rotate opportunities to pause and be equipped in the following areas:

We will be offering the following courses this Fall beginning September 25th:
Parenting: Parenting with Love and Logic
Finance: Financial Peace University
Culture: Navigating Our Culture

You can read about each opportunity below. If you'd like to register, simply click the link at the end of each description to be taken to the event page!

Childcare: Childcare is available upon registration. You will be directed to the childcare request form upon registering for each class. Please note that you will need to register your children for each week that you attend. For more information on our childcare policy, click here.


Parenting with Love and Logic

Parenting is hard.

We often get frustrated at the behavior and choices of our kids. How can we teach our kids to make good decisions and take responsibility, while building relationships and avoiding power struggles?

How do we deal with fits, from toddler-sized to teenage-sized?

This workshop is for parents with kids from birth to teenagers. We will look at how to use limits and logical consequences that enable kids to learn from their mistakes, taking us as parents out of the boxing ring.

We will cover a variety of topics:

Session 1 // Arguing and power struggles
Session 2 // Taking responsibility for decisions
Session 3 // Loving limits
Session 4 // Teaching kids to solve their own problems
Session 5 // Teaching accountability
Session 6 // Dealing with anger

Come join us as we navigate the parenting waters with Love and Logic.

COST: $10
Click here to register!


Financial Peace University

FPU teaches God's ways of handling money. Through video teaching, class discussions and interactive small group activities, FPU presents biblical, practical steps to get from where you are to where you've dreamed you could be. This plan will show you how to get rid of debt, manage your money, spend and save wisely, and much more!

The class will meet weekly at 121 for 9 sessions. You must attend 8 of the 9 classes to qualify for the graduation certificate.

Session 1 // Super Saving

Session 2 // Relating with Money

Session 3 // Cash Flow Planning

Session 4 // Dumping Debt

Session 5 // Buyer Beware

Session 6 // Clause and Effect

Session 7 // From Fruition To Tuition

Session 8 // Real Estate and Mortgages

Session 9 // The Great Misunderstanding

Cost: $93
Registration will open soon!


Navigating Our Culture

Our culture is rapidly changing. How do we think rightly and view difficult issues through a biblical lens? Join us as Brandon Smeltzer from Grapevine Faith Christian School helps us to build our own grid to assess and engage the culture we live in.

Session 1 // The Cloud: The impact of our culture on our thinking

Session 2 // Enemies: How ideas can liberate or enslave us

Session 3 // Theology: Recovering our sight through God's revelation

Session 4 // Truth: What it is and why we can't seem to find it

Session 5 // Ethics: Finding the anchor of ultimate morality

Session 6 // My Story, Your Story, Our Story: Seeing it all through the lenses of Scripture

Cost: Free
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