So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

What is the ultimate goal we should have for our family of believers here at 121? What are we doing to accomplish that goal?

If we say we want to treasure Scripture as the ultimate authority in our lives, is that an outcome we can affect, or is it simply something we hope takes place somehow, some way? If we make it our aim to love Jesus with our whole being and to be authentic in our love for other people, how do we go about pursuing that goal? If we believe that we are to partner in ministry together, making disciples of all nations, how are we doing with accomplishing that?

Paul wrote to the Corinthian believers to tell them that the glory of God is the chief end of every person. By using such a common activity as eating and drinking as his illustration, we can know that our choices have great impact on whether or not we worship God and bring Him glory. We might extend Paul’s thought this way—whether you’re reading the Bible or mowing the grass, worship the Lord. Whether you’re cooking a meal for a friend in need or eating out with friends on a Friday night, worship the Lord. Whether you’re witnessing to an unbeliever or surrounded by people you’re pretty sure go to church somewhere, worship the Lord. Whatever you do, worship the Lord!

God’s honor should be the principle concern of those who love Him. We live in light of the gospel and honor Him by doing all we can to bring about the salvation and sanctification of others. Nothing should hinder the magnification of Christ in our homes, workplaces, and church. What is the ultimate goal we should have for our family of believers here at 121 and how can we accomplish that goal? The answer is clear—worship the Lord!

• What would change in your life this week if you did all things to the glory of God?

• The context of Paul’s instruction here was in handling disagreements within the church. The general principle and solution he gave relates to worship. If we’re doing everything for the glory of God, our conflicts are naturally going to take a backseat. What is a disagreement you are prone to have that you need to approach with an “all to the glory of God” type of attitude?

• Praise God that He is worthy of all glory. Commit to worship Him today with the worthiness He deserves.