4 What is man that You take thought of him,
And the son of man that You care for him?

God’s greatness is displayed through His power and might, but also through His care and concern for His creation. God is magnificent and big enough that He is the One who orders the cosmos and keeps all of creation in working order. Yet, today’s verse reminds us that He also shows His greatness in the level of care He gives to His creation, and more specifically that He gives to those He has created in His image.

Logically, we might determine that because God is so great and powerful, He would have little concern with the affairs of individuals. But it is clear throughout the Bible that this is not the case. The very message of the gospel is that God’s greatness is displayed in His stooping to save those who have rejected Him and are powerless to restore themselves back to Him.

This realization should lead us to two things. First, we should be driven to awe and wonder, resulting in worship of God who is great but has condescended to mankind in love. Second, we should be led to great humility with and care for others who are made in His image. Since God shows such great love for people, we should do the same. Those who are made in the image of God are valuable to Him and must be valuable to those who claim to follow Him.

• Who are those in our community that you can show the love of God to this week?

• Who might you have overlooked in the past that God is leading you to tell of His greatness and love for them?

• Pray and thank God that, though we are undeserving, He has shown great love for us as those made in His image.