31 God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.

In this final verse of the creation account in Genesis 1, God saw everything He had made and deemed it “very good.” As we discussed Monday, God’s seeing meant that He considered every detail of His creation in this proclamation of its goodness. There was nothing that God had made that was not good. In fact, after the creation of mankind, God deemed that His creation was not only good, but very good.

This should cause us to reflect on the fact that nothing in God’s creation contributed to the fall of man and the brokenness of the world we experience now. The brokenness we experience is entirely a result of man’s sinful rejection of God and His good creation. The first man and woman were not content to receive the complete goodness that God had given them. Instead, they chose to believe that they knew better than God and would seek satisfaction apart from Him. We have all chosen likewise since that moment.

The goodness that the first man and woman experienced is one that no one has tasted since the fall. Yet, we have great hope. God has not abandoned us to reap the consequences of our sin forever. Instead, He sent His Son so that all who trust in Him might be redeemed to right relationship with Him. Because of the gospel, followers of Christ have the certain hope that they will again experience the perfect goodness of God when He restores all things to Himself. Grasping this truth does not only impact our lives in the future, but also the way we live now. We can live as hopeful people, anticipating God’s restoration of all things and pointing others toward this glorious day.

• Why is it important that we recognize that the brokenness of the world is due to man’s sin and not God’s creation?

• How might you use the promise of God’s final restoration of His creation to tell others of the good news of the gospel?

Pray and thank God for His goodness revealed in His creation and the promise that all things will be restored to this goodness one day.