9 Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.

Have you ever had a garden? How successful were your efforts to grow certain foods? One of the first steps of planting a garden is to decide what you would like to grow and planting seeds that you hope to harvest in the future. In Galatians 6:7, Paul taught that our lives are similar to the process of planting a garden. We reap as we have sown and we will not bear fruit in the future that has not been sown into our lives in the past. Paul’s words in verse 7 are clear: God is not mocked. We may fool others or even ourselves in the short-term, but the truth of where we have invested our lives will be brought to light fully one day.

This is the principle by which Paul exhorted his readers in verse 9 to not lose heart in doing good. Yesterday, we discussed the wrong motivation of giving to others while also seeking a benefit of our own. It is important that we not view the principle in these verses as an exchange system in which we give good deeds to God and He gives back to us salvation. We must not be mistaken—for those in Christ, God has given and will give us more than we could ever repay. We do not do good to others because we are seeking to earn God’s favor, but because He has already given it to us fully in Christ.

Still, there is a promise in this verse. That which we will gain from God is far greater than we can ever give. So we should not grow weary. Our good deeds will never exceed the goodness that God has given to us. This should give us strength and added motivation to press on, knowing that our reward is secure in Christ and our good deeds continually point to the truth about Him.

• Where have you grown weary in doing good? How does remembering the gospel give refreshment to press on?

• Where do you need to confess to God areas that you have sown to the flesh instead of to the Spirit? What needs to change?

• Pray that you would not grow weary in doing good, but press on, knowing that the reward of God will surpass anything you give up.