Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold.

In Matthew 24, the disciples had asked Jesus a question that is still being asked today. They asked for details concerning the end times. In response, Jesus gave them signs that would precede His return. One clear marker: iniquity will abound and the love of many will wax cold. Was this response meant as a warning or a signal? We would be wise to receive it as both. Jesus’ words should be received as a warning to keep us alert from coldness toward Him and also as a sign of the things to come. We can also be encouraged when facing hard times that Jesus predicted these things would come, but we can take heart in Him.

God does not desire that His people should have troubled hearts—even in the midst of troublesome times. When the heart is fixed, trusting in God, it is kept in peace. It is not afraid. No matter how chaotic things become, God is able to keep us safe. We must trust Him. We can rest in knowing that when we are overwhelmed, God never is.

By keeping our focus on God, who is faithful, He is able to maintain the focus and zeal of our hearts. We are prone towards faithlessness when we begin to doubt that God is enough to truly satisfy or keep us. Yet, as we cling to Him, we will continually be reminded of His love for us and this is the primary means by which our desire and love for Him is stirred.

• Have circumstances surrounding you ever lessened your zeal for Christ? How might you seek to guard against this?

• What do you know to be true concerning the end times? In thinking of Christ’s return, what brings you concern and what brings you encouragement?

• Spend time in prayer, meditating on God’s love for you. Ask Him to lead you to greater love for Him and a nearer relationship with Him as a response to His love.