And by that will we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.

When you finish a big task you’ve been given, how do you feel? Do you tend to jump right into the next task because your “work is never done”? Do you take some time to celebrate the completion of a task before moving forward with something else? Do you tell people you finished?

There’s something satisfying about completion. When we continue to have projects out in front of us that remain undone, it frustrates us and makes moving forward difficult. One problem many people have in relationship to the Lord is that they don’t ever rest in the completion of what Jesus has done. We often live as though there is still more to be done if we are to truly find God’s favor, and that undone work is our responsibility.

We must understand that Jesus’ perfect obedience and death on the cross completely fulfilled the will of God. When we trust in Jesus, we are supernaturally identified with him. When we are identified with Him, we also have, again supernaturally, fulfilled the will of God. It’s truly amazing, but in Christ, you have fulfilled the will of God. There is nothing left to do to be saved! God has received us on the basis of the fact that Jesus completely fulfilled God’s will. This is why the writer of Hebrews wrote, “Once for all!” The transaction, payment for your sin, is absolutely finished and complete.

• What feelings arise when you reflect on the magnitude of the price Jesus paid to free you from sin’s death-grip?

• What difference has Jesus’ complete sacrifice made in your life this week?

• Thank Jesus for completing the work of salvation on your behalf. Ask Him to help you rest in His finished work and to lead you as you seek to serve Him in response to His perfect gift.