But I, brothers, could not address you as spiritual people, but as people of the flesh, as infants in Christ.
2 I fed you with milk, not solid food, for you were not ready for it. And even now you are not yet ready,
3 for you are still of the flesh. For while there is jealousy and strife among you, are you not of the flesh and behaving only in a human way?

If your spiritual journey were compared to a lifespan, would you say you’re an infant, toddler, child, teenager, young adult, median adult, or senior adult? What factors play into the spiritual growth process of a person? How is it that some people who have been following Jesus the same amount of time seem so much further along in their faith?

Paul likely had similar questions in mind when he wrote to the believers at Corinth. They were divided, and Paul attributed that division to worldly attitudes and spiritual immaturity. He gave them a harsh word. He told them he couldn’t talk to them as people who live by the Spirit because they were influenced too much by the world. They were still babies in Christ. Some of them may have been Christians for several years, but they remained spiritually immature. Infants generally drink milk and later move to solid food, but these spiritual infants were not ready for the solid spiritual food Paul offered.

It is a dangerous thing to not grow in our faith. After we receive Christ, He intends and provides ways for us to grow deeper in relationship with Him. If we don’t join Him in that process, it’s easy to default back to our human nature, live self-centered lives, waver in our faith, and allow division to come between us. God expects us to grow—to be actively involved in being equipped to hear and respond to Him.

• How do you think most people look at the process of spiritual growth—as something that happens automatically or something you must actively pursue?

• What do you think God expects of you when it comes to your own process of spiritual growth? How active are you right now in pursuing spiritual growth?

• Thank God that He equips the called, rather than calls the equipped. Ask Him to help you grow as you commit to developing good habits and strong relationships and intentionally equip yourself to be a fully devoted follower of Christ.