In the same region there were some shepherds staying out in the fields and keeping watch over their flock by night.

Think of a job you detest doing. What is the absolute last thing you would want to have to do for work each day? Maybe it’s collecting garbage. Who wants to handle other people’s trash? Or maybe anything that involved feet. Yuck! That is kind of like how the shepherds were viewed. Nothing special. Nothing great. Perhaps even a bit looked down upon.

Here again, like yesterday, we see God carrying out His plans in some unexpected ways. He chose to use shepherds. They were lowly, unknown, and obscure shepherds. Completely normal in every way and there was nothing out of the ordinary about them. They didn’t have desirable careers. They worked long and hard. Many likely didn’t envy them. Most of them didn’t even have a home. Their living quarters were temporary and mobile as they would move with their flock from one location to the next. Their clothing was simple: sheepskin and tunic. No fancy robes.

But did you know many great patriarchs of the Christian faith were shepherds? Great men such as Abraham, Moses, and King David…just to name a few. Thankfully God sees shepherds quite differently. He doesn’t view people the same way we do. He can see His ability to use every person. No matter our perception, He can see how He can be glorified through us.

• Work to memorize Luke 2:8. Practice this by reading the verse ten times in a row and then repeating without looking ten times. Repeat as needed.

• When was a time in your life when God used a less-than-desirable circumstance to bring about something unexpected and amazing?

• Praise God for the way He uses each and every one of us in His amazing story.