For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me up.

Parents aren’t perfect. This probably doesn’t come as a shocker to you. Most of us can remember the delicate season of life somewhere between middle school and early adulthood where we gradually began to realize that fact: our parents don’t always get it right. They are human. They make mistakes just like the rest of us. They are going to let us down—whether this is intentional or not. Even in the best relationships, this is a humbling and harsh reality. For those who become parents themselves, this reality is even clearer.

This verse gives us a greater hope than lasting security in even our closest relationships. We can choose to be bummed out about family flaws, or we can use them to be reminded of how perfect and loving our Father is. With each disappointment, conflict, or personal failure we’re reminded of how that will never be the case with God. This allows us to maintain a posture of gratefulness. We can thank God for always filling in the gap when others let us down.

No matter how dysfunctional the dynamics of your family may be, you can take comfort in knowing you have a Heavenly Father that is always there for you. He will never hurt you. He will never abandon you. He is perfect. He loves us perfectly and unconditionally, and He will never disappoint us.

• How does it make you feel knowing God will never fail you?

• How has God comforted you when others let you down?

• Thank God for the relationships you have that point to Him and the reality that He will never fail you.