Joseph said to his brothers, “I am about to die, but God will surely take care of you and bring you up from this land to the land which He promised on oath to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob.” Then Joseph made the sons of Israel swear, saying, “God will surely take care of you, and you shall carry my bones up from here.”

Joseph was on his deathbed. He was verbally leaving his last will and testament to his brothers. He referenced the promise God made to Abraham earlier in the book of Genesis (Gen. 12:1-3).

Although Joseph was about to die, he wanted to reassure his family that God would surely come to their aid and take them to the promised land (Canaan). He was comforting others with the same comfort he had received from God. He encouraged them to rest on the promises of God that had always been their support. In this same way, we must comfort others. We can do so because of the way God comforts us on a daily basis. Joseph lived his life based on the promises of God. He continued steadfastly and he finished the course with joy! May we do the same.

• Where do you need to lean on the promises of God as you seek faith for the future?

• How is God comforting you right now? How is He using you to comfort others?

• Ask God for encouragement and perseverance as you remain faithfully in His service on earth.