For “All flesh is like grass and all its glory like the flower of grass. The grass withers, and the flower falls”

There are two ways to respond to 1 Peter 1:24. Either we shrug our shoulders in defeat because nothing we do matters, or we raise our hands in praise to God because nothing we do matters! This is not to say that we make no impact in this world, but the impact we make in this world is only truly impactful if driven by and aimed at Christ’s purposes.

Peter quoted the prophet Isaiah (Is. 40:6-8) to remind us that, in stark contrast to new life in Christ, life on earth is only temporary. New life in Christ doesn’t come and go depending on the circumstances or on your behavior. God’s work of salvation in your life is imperishable, living, enduring, and forever. The simile in verse 24 isn’t just there for poetic effect. Your flesh, whether your physical life on earth or your fleshly desires, does not last. Your works do not last. Your sacrifices do not last.

Apart from Christ, this would overwhelm us with feelings of insignificance and meaninglessness. However, in Christ, it gives us new joy and courage! The Word of God that endures can never be made ineffective. It is an unchanging, vital, ever-present Word of truth. It meets people’s needs, providing them with a sense of direction and wholeness. This is of crucial importance when everything around us seems to be coming apart. We continue to live holy lives, no matter what is going on around us, knowing that the once and for all sacrifice of Jesus gives every moment of our lives eternal meaning and purpose.

• Why is 1 Peter 1:24 good news?

• What is something in your life you need to let “wither and fall” so that Jesus’ kingdom purposes might spring up instead?

• Thank God that you don’t have depend on any earthly circumstance, person, or pursuit to sustain your life but that you have eternal life in Christ Jesus. Ask Him to remind you daily of the temporary nature of this world and keep your eyes set on His kingdom.