“…For we walk by faith, not by sight”

This verse is only eight simple words. It is easy enough to read, and even memorize. But living out this simple concept is a much harder task. To do this requires tremendous strength and courage. You must be willing to give up any semblance of control over your life that you thought you might have. You must be willing to be misunderstood and possibly even abandoned. You must be willing to be ridiculed. You must be willing to look like a complete fool at times…being misinterpreted and often unappreciated by others. In short, you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone.

However, the life of faith reaps blessing that surpasses any trial. A surrendered life enables you to see and experience God in all of His fullness and grace. This happens as we put our faith in who He is and the promises He has made over what we can see in front of us.

Think about all the saints who have gone before you that walked by faith: Abraham, Joseph, Daniel, Esther, Noah, Moses, Joshua, just to name a few (see Hebrews 11). Will your name be included in this list? Trust Him so that He can do something bigger and better than you ever dreamed possible. Let God take your life, your pain, your loss, whatever it is you are going through, and use it for His glory. Walk by faith, and not only by what you can see.

• When are you most likely to struggle with faith?

• How might you submit these areas to God, that you might not just walk according to what you see?

• Ask God to help you live a life of abandonment for Him. Ask Him to do an amazing work in you and through you.