You will make known to me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; in Your right hand there are pleasures forever.

In Psalm 16, David described a time when he faced some degree of peril. Instead of letting this crush him, he had wisely chosen to take his rest in the Lord. David was secure in his God. He sought the Lord as his refuge and strength (Psalm 46).

In His mercy, goodness, and grace, God abundantly grants us the fullness of joy when we rest in His presence. This is not mere happiness, but rather a joy that completely satisfies. It is a joy that brings a sense of contentment to the soul that no other source can give. We see this in the life of David. Even when he was suffering from turmoil and fear, in the Lord’s presence He found relief, contentment, and even blessing.

God hasn’t changed. We can experience these same pleasures that David did. As we pray, worship, and acknowledge His presence in our lives, we are filled with unspeakable joy. Whatever happens to this week, remember to take refuge in the Lord. For in His presence, there is promised joy.

• What “pleasures” of God are you thanking Him for today?

• Where do you feel an obvious lack of joy in your life? How do you need to submit this area before God?

• Praise God for the fullness of joy that He alone provides.