For by a single offering he has perfected for all time those who are being sanctified.

It’s hard to relate to the truth that Jesus perfected us for all time by His single offering on the cross. At our very best on our very best day, we still know we’re not finished. Even a pitcher who pitches a perfect game goes out the next time and tries to do it again.

But Jesus doesn’t need to do anything more than what He has already done. By His sacrifice on the cross, Jesus has fully and completely taken care of our sin problem. No more sacrifices are necessary, nor could they be. On the basis of Jesus’ once-for-all sacrifice for sin, our sins can never again be used to accuse or condemn us. It is finished (John 19:30), and we are forgiven!

At the same time, we are now being sanctified. What an incredible and beautiful mystery! We have been made perfect, and while we remain on this earth we are still being made perfect. There is nothing left to do to save us, yet with our salvation we enter into a relationship of continual growth. By the gift of the Holy Spirit, God’s laws are written on our hearts and minds so that we can obey Him. Because of Jesus’ work on our behalf, we are to draw near to God, hold on to the confession of our hope, and encourage one another toward love and good deeds.

• Name a few ways you still need to be sanctified by God.

• How would your life be different this week if you were to truly rest in the completed work of salvation and also engage in the sanctification process?

• Thank Jesus for perfecting the work of redemption in you for all time. In gratitude to God for that perfect work, ask Him to sanctify you and draw you nearer to Him each day.