Surely goodness and lovingkindness will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

One day we will be safe at home in God’s house. Surely there is no greater hope than that. We will never know a greater goodness than to be able to dwell in perfect communion with our Creator, just as we were intended to do. Yet, David reminds us, in Psalm 23, that we don’t have to wait to experience the goodness of God. It isn’t reserved only for eternity. For believers, God’s goodness and loyal love will follow after us each day until we are home with Him forever.

The word translated as “follow” is better understood as “pursue.” This is often used in Scripture to describe attackers in pursuit. But here, David—who knew well what it was to be pursued by enemies—painted the picture of God’s goodness and covenant love following after or pursuing him for all of his life. Because of God’s covenant faithfulness (lovingkindness), He doesn’t withhold His goodness from His children. There isn’t a place we can go that is out of reach or too far for God to come after us. Because of His loyal love—His covenant love and faithfulness—He continues to come after us. Only He has the goodness that will sustain us in this life until we are dwelling with Him face to face.

We can take heart, as followers of Jesus, that He is pursuing us at each and every step. This includes the hard days, the joyful days, and the unpredictable days. He is with us in good and bad circumstances. His goodness and covenant love are right at our heels. Whatever our days hold on this earth, His presence pursues us for eternity.

● How does this verse give you hope for your daily life? For the life to come?

● How do you need to be reminded of God’s goodness, loyal love, and presence coming after you in this season?

● Take some time in prayer, thanking God for His endless pursuit of you. Remember the times that He has pursued you, even when you strayed, rebelled, or ignored Him. Ask Him for eyes to see His goodness this week.