“They have healed the brokenness of My people superficially,
Saying, ‘Peace, peace,’
But there is no peace.
“Were they ashamed because of the abomination they have done?
They were not even ashamed at all;
They did not even know how to blush.
Therefore they shall fall among those who fall;
At the time that I punish them,
They shall be cast down,” says the Lord.
Thus says the Lord,
“Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths,
Where the good way is, and walk in it;
And you will find rest for your souls.
But they said, ‘We will not walk in it.’”

Can you remember a time when you needed to ask directions? Did you listen or continue on your own, even though you were lost? Despite Israel’s ongoing and pervasive rebellion, God was still there. He sent prophets to point them back to the truth. It’s as if they were completely lost, and God was standing by the right road, saying, “Go this way.” All the signs, all the directions, and all the opportunities for forgiveness but still, Israel refused to go the right way.

More than just pointing them in the right way, this was God’s call for the people to remember their own history. Remember God. Remember His word. Remember His ways. Remember who you are. That had been God’s call from the beginning. Throughout Israel’s history, God had put markers in their path so they would remember who God is and what He accomplished on their behalf. At Passover, they were to remember God’s rescuing them from slavery in Egypt (Ex. 12:14). After passing through the water on dry land, they were to set up stones of remembrance so they wouldn’t forget how God had made a way for them (Josh. 4). From generation to generation they were to tell of God’s faithfulness (Deut. 6:6-7). Remembering God and remembering His faithfulness was in their DNA, but in Jeremiah’s day, they had forgotten to remember.

Remembering who God is and the truth of His gospel is part of what it means to daily walk with Jesus. In the face of sin, we remember God. In the face of hardship, we remember His faithfulness. In the face of hunger, we remember His provision. We remember God, and we remember the way He is calling us to go.

● What have you forgotten that you need to remember? About who God is? About who He says you are? About the gospel?

● What are rhythms or patterns in your walk with Christ that help you remember His truth?

● Take some time to reflect on and remember who God is and what He has done. Name specific things. Thank Him. Ask Him to constantly bring His word to your mind.