O taste and see that the Lord is good; how blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!

In Psalm 34, David praised the Lord for all He had done. He couldn’t keep quiet about it. But he also wanted his fellow Israelites to join with him. He wanted their lives to overflow with those same praises because of their encounters with God. “Experience it for yourself!” he said. In tasting, you will see it all to be true. See and experience that when you take refuge in Him, you experience His goodness first hand.

David knew that we miss out on God’s goodness when we only talk about what is true. When our faith remains theoretical, we rob ourselves of the depths of safety and security that we find if we take refuge in Him. God wants us to know what is true of Him. We should read His word, know what is true, teach and speak what is true, and stand on the truth. But He wants more for us. He wants us to have first-hand, intimate experience of this truth—to know that He really is who He says! It wasn’t enough for the Israelites to know that He was the one true God. It wasn’t enough for them to just identify as His chosen people. God wanted His people to have a first-hand experience of this goodness.

The hard part is, sometimes to taste and see the Lord’s goodness, we have to walk through the valley. It is often when the rubber meets that road that our faith is tested. Do you really believe what you say about God when you find yourself on the receiving end of a diagnosis you never saw coming, or at a funeral you couldn’t have fathomed arriving so soon? What about when dreams don’t pan out or jobs are lost or people let you down? Or when life takes a very different turn from what you had hoped or planned? Those are the valleys where the Lord wants us to taste and see. In other words, He invites us to test and judge for ourselves so we can see that He actually is good. God’s goodness is very different from the flimsy, circumstantial kind of good that many seek. He is Goodness Himself. We get to see and experience that personally as we throw ourselves into His arms for refuge.

● Where do you need to taste and see God’s goodness this week? Are there places that don’t feel like goodness where God is inviting you to take refuge in Him?

● How can you invite others to taste and see God’s goodness? As you look back on your own story and experience, how can you testify to what God has done? When has God shifted your faith from theoretical to experiential?

● Take time in prayer to praise God for His goodness and how you have experienced this for yourself.