Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunity.

Do you view every area of your life as an opportunity to reflect Christ? Do you see every day as a chance to share the gospel? Paul encouraged the Colossian believers to pray constantly for the opportunity to preach the word and declare the mystery of Christ (Col. 4:3).

We might believe the lie that such a prayer should be left to “professional Christians”—that God doesn’t call the rest of us, in our jobs, families, and everyday conversations, to make the most of every opportunity to share Christ with those who don’t know Him. But the call is the same for every single person who claims to follow Christ. All of us are to spend our lives making much of Christ, pointing to Him in everything we say and do.

The Lord has given all of us unique opportunities to reflect Him in our different spheres of influence. We don’t have to wait until we are doing a service project or on a mission trip. Every day is filled with opportunities, if we have eyes to see them. Going to the grocery store, working out at our gyms, picking our kids up from school, and any number of everyday activities are places we can be on mission. Anywhere we can have a conversation is an opportunity not to be wasted. But we have to be looking for these opportunities, and we have to be willing to be used. We have to be willing to show love to those who might seem like outsiders to us. If we are walking in the Spirit, asking Him to guide us and fill us, then we will find people in the midst of our everyday lives who we can point to Him. We don’t fully know what God is doing behind the scenes, we just have to be ready and willing to be an instrument for His use.

● Do you make the most of your time for gospel opportunities? Do you see your everyday activities as open doors for kingdom work? Why or why not?

● How do you need to adjust your mindset, prayers, and rhythms to be able to make the most of the opportunities God provides?

Ask the Lord to give you kingdom vision, even in your regular comings and goings. Ask Him for the courage to engage in gospel conversations, even if that feels uncomfortable.