How great is Your goodness, which You have stored up for those who fear You, which You have wrought for those who take refuge in You, before the sons of men!

Do you ever question if God’s goodness has a limit? Do you fear that it will run out when you need it most? We may say we know this won’t happen, but sometimes we live, pray, and respond as if it will. Our fears and anxieties can get the best of us in so many ways. We are prone to be fatalistic, assuming things will eventually fall apart for us. Or we may believe that God’s goodness will simply be bestowed on someone else. Many of us operate with a mentality of scarcity. Thanks be to God His goodness is abundant!

David painted the picture of God’s goodness being stored up like a treasure set aside especially for those who fear Him and take refuge in Him. In other words, He is eager to provide His goodness in abundance for those who think rightly of God and come to Him for all they need. This almost seems too good to be true. Isn’t there a catch? There is no catch, only trust. Only a few verses before this, David trusted himself freely to God, saying, “You are my God, and my times are in your hands” (31:14-15). This is the posture of humility that we are called to take before God. We fully acknowledge that He is the Creator and giver of all things. If we are to know and experience His goodness, we will only do so by seeking provision and protection in Him alone. We will receive His abundant goodness by being with Him. In doing so, our lives actually act as a witness to humanity (“sons of men”). The unbelieving world will see how we take refuge in Christ, and see His goodness through our words and deeds.

● What doubts or fears do you have about God’s goodness? What experiences have contributed to those? What is true, despite what you might have doubted or feared?

● How do you currently need to take refuge in the Lord? Is there anything you are withholding for yourself or trusting in your own goodness to resolve?

● Pray for the Lord to remind you of what is true about His nature—His goodness knows no bounds. Praise Him for the ways you have seen that in your own life. Ask Him to reorient your heart and mind when you doubt it.