Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

We don’t typically associate blessing and mourning. We think of blessing as positive and joyful and mourning as sad and gloomy. Yet, Jesus constantly spoke truth in ways that are counterintuitive to us. This was certainly the case with His Beatitudes, which launched His Sermon on the Mount. The meek inherit the earth, and the lowly in spirit and those who are persecuted receive the kingdom of heaven. While all of those are comforting realities, perhaps the most comforting is knowing that for those of us who find ourselves in mourning, we will also know comfort.

Jesus wasn’t specific about what kind of mourning He meant, but certainly it is all-encompassing. That means when we are convicted and mourn of our sin, He comforts us. When we mourn over loss and hurt, He comforts us. When we mourn on behalf of others, He comforts us. One can’t help but imagine Jesus bending down with a grieving Mary when she lost her brother Lazarus (John 11:33-35). Jesus knew Lazarus would live again. He knew the outcome of the story. Yet, in that moment, Mary’s grief was real. So, Jesus knelt down and wept with her. She was in mourning, and He comforted her.

This is how Jesus meets us in our own mourning. He bends down and grieves with us. He knows the outcome, and He knows how He will redeem it. He can see how all things will work together for good. But He still joins us in our moment of despair, and He doesn’t move quickly by it. The comfort of Jesus comes simply in His nearness to us, not necessarily in answers to our questions or solutions to our struggles. His comfort in our mourning is the promise of His presence.

● Is there something in your life you are mourning? Or perhaps a loss you have not yet grieved?

● How have you experienced the comfort of Christ? How do you need more of His comfort?

● Thank God for meeting you with His comfort. Ask Him to continue to be near to you as you walk through grief and pain.