Casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.

This verse makes a nice kitchen quote, doesn’t it? It looks pretty in cursive and hung on the wall of our houses. But for many of us, it is easier said than done. Why is it so hard to actually give over our anxieties and worries to the Lord?

Two reasons stand out in the text. For one, this verse comes with a prerequisite. In the preceding verse, Paul reminded his readers to humble themselves before the Lord (5:6). When we are anxious, it is usually because something is out of our control. We can’t see how it will turn out, so we spin hypotheticals to make ourselves feel like we have a grasp on whatever it may be. But if we would actually humble ourselves “under the mighty hand of God,” then we would recognize that we aren’t the ones in control!

Secondly, sometimes we have a hard time actually trusting and believing that God cares for us. We believe He knows what is best. We believe He can see what we can’t. We probably can even believe He is in control and it will all turn out for our good. But does He care? Are we just another name on a list? Paul probably had the same tendencies to worry and have control as we do, but he reminded us that we follow Jesus who cares for us. And because He cares deeply for us, we can trust Him with the things that worry us most. The thoughts that keep our minds running at all hours of the night can settle at the feet of Jesus. The fears about the future and infinite possible outcomes can find their rightful place in the hands of God our Father who cares enough to hold onto them.

● What feels out of your control that you keep trying to grasp? What are you afraid to give over to the Lord?

● What do you need to believe about God’s character to trust Him with your fears and anxieties?

● Take some time in prayer to confess what worries you in this season. Tell the Lord what you fear, what you doubt, and what gives you anxiety. Ask Him to take each of those worries for today, and ask Him for a deeper trust that He truly does care for you.