And as He was getting into the boat, the man who had been demon-possessed was begging Him that he might accompany Him. And He did not let him, but He said to him, “Go home to your people and report to them what great things the Lord has done for you, and how He had mercy on you.” And he went away and began to proclaim in Decapolis what great things Jesus had done for him; and everyone was amazed.

Having been healed—released and whole again—the man wanted to follow Jesus. It was a natural reaction, to say the least. Jesus had just relinquished him from the bonds of evil that had made him a prisoner in his own body. He would do anything for Jesus! But Jesus had different plans for him.

On reflection of this healing account, church father Gregory the Great said this: “A legion of demons has been, as I believed, cast out of me. I would prefer merely to forget all of this that I have known and simply rest at the feet of the Savior. But lo it is said to me, so strongly as to compel me against my will, ‘Go home to your friends, and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.’”

Isn’t that the call on all our lives if we have been changed by the person of Jesus? Go and tell. It is the heart of the Great Commission—go and make disciples. If you have been found in Christ—saved and rescued by grace—then go and share the good news so others may also be found. We, like the healed man, want to stick close to Jesus. We want to stay in the safety of His presence. The good news for believers is that with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, we get to do that! However, walking in His presence should always lead us to go and tell. If we are in step with His Spirit, then He will undoubtedly lead us to the places near and far to tell others of what we have experienced in Him. We just have to be willing to go and proclaim the great things He has done for us.

  • How has Jesus healed you? How has that healing and transformation led you to go and tell of what He has done?
  • How might Jesus be calling you out of your comfort zone? Who might He have for you to share the gospel and your own story of transformation with?
  • Take some time to thank God for healing and restoring you in Christ. Ask Him for a renewed calling and urgency to proclaim His gospel to those around you.