You came near on the day I called to You;
You said, “Do not fear!”
Lord, You have pleaded my soul’s cause;
You have redeemed my life.

We have a God who hears us when we call on Him.

Though we know that to be true, when we find ourselves in a desperate place we may doubt that reality. When the walls are closing in and our circumstances cause us to fear, we can easily doubt God’s character and faithfulness to hear and respond. The writer of Lamentations was exceedingly desperate. His enemies were hunting him and had essentially tried to bury him alive. (See Lam. 3:52-54.) God was his only hope for rescue. So, he cried out to God, remembering how God had been true to His word in the past. He remembered how God had been faithful to come near. God had redeemed his life. Perhaps if God had done it before then He would hear him again.

In His desperation, the writer reminded God of His own words. Of course, it wasn’t as if God had forgotten, but in the process, the writer reminded himself of God’s call not to fear. In the midst of the brokenness we experience in the world, we need constant reminders of God’s faithfulness in the past to help us cling to hope in the present. When pain, suffering, or even discipline feel like they will last forever, we are reminded of the hope of Jesus to rescue us again and again.

We have a God who hears us when we call on His name. So, no matter the situation that leaves us feeling stuck, forsaken, or overlooked, we can be free from fear and filled with the courage to call out to Him. He who has been faithful to hear us before will always be faithful to hear us. Perhaps, even in the remembering, we will hear His voice anew and cling to the hope that comes with His presence.

  • How have you felt unheard or overlooked by God? Where do you need the courage to call on His name in this season?
  • How might you need to remember God’s past faithfulness or action to remind you of the hope you have in the present?
  • Spend some time remembering with God. Remember His promises from Scripture. Remember the specific ways He has acted on your behalf. In your remembering, let your faith be bolstered, even in your current circumstances.