Here are some great options for parents and leaders to use during this critical stage of life. If you have any questions on anything please feel free to contact Jermaine Arphul (

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Parent Resources

  • Christian Parenting

    As part of the Denison forum ministry, Janet Denison has built a great website that will help parents stay in the know, equip, and lead their children to navigate through our culture. We believe this is a great resource to check out and pass on to you and other parents.

    About Us

    As a ministry of the Denison Forum on Truth and Culture, engages, equips, and encourages parents to raise strong children who will know and love God and strive to fulfill his purpose for their lives. We echo DFTC’s goal “to change the culture for the Kingdom.”

    We speak to a wide range of parenting issues that are common to every generation.

    We envision this site as a place where parents exchange their ideas, thoughts, hopes, and fears with one another. Experienced parents, drawing on their own stories, will share words of wisdom, encouragement, and support.

  • Single Parenting Resource

    This is a great resource for single parents to find rest, encouragement, and wisdom.

  • Dating

    Middle School is also a time when students become curious about dating and to help navigate that topic here is a great article on dating.

  • The Dangers of Smartphones

    Here is an really great article on smartphones and the dangers that come with an unhealthy addiction to them.

Cool Stuff for Dads and Moms

Here are some cool adventure type activities that you can do with your son and/or daughter!

Leader Resources

Every Leader with 121 Students Middle School is expected to pray for students, have passion for students and those that are lost, have a desire to build long-term relationships, have an appreciation for the uniqueness of each student, and embrace and model Jesus WITH THEM. Thus, here are some resources you can use to help inspire students to live for Jesus, wherever they are at.

  • LifeWay Student Study Bible

    We have copies available upon request of a cool LifeWay Study Bible for Students. The Fall 2017 study covers Exodus and Leviticus, Old Testament books that tell of God’s grace, power, unmatched glory, and faithfulness. The first half of Exodus tells the story of how God faithfully kept His promise to bless Israel by graciously and miraculously using Moses to rescue them out slavery in Egypt. It demonstrates God’s glory in setting Israel apart from all the other nations of the world as His special people. The second half of Exodus recalls how Moses received God’s Law and how the Israelites failed to keep it. Leviticus lays out how God’s people were to live for His glory under the Law He established for them. Exodus and Leviticus testify to the faithfulness of God as He upholds His promise to redeem His people and set them apart for His purposes and glory.

    By working through these two foundational books, Students will be confronted with God’s vast holiness and their utter sinfulness. They will discover how Christ is the ultimate solution to their failure to keep God’s Law. They will also see how the Law, the sacrifices, and the tabernacle all point forward to Christ. As students study these two books, they will see how God’s promises to Israel extend to them so that they might embrace their identity as God’s set apart people called to live for His glory and spread His fame.

    There is a leader guide that goes with it, and available to you. Please contact Jermaine ( if you are interesting in obtaining copies for your students.

  • Apologetics Study Bible for Students

    This is an excellent resource students can use as a tool that will help them find answers to some of the toughest questions about God, science, ethics world religions, and Christian living. If you are interested in obtaining this resource, please email Jermaine (

    Or you can go here to order a copy.

  • Student Devos

    Daily Bible verses and Devotions for Teenagers and Youth

  • Download Holy Bible App and upload God

    Get “30 Devotions for Youth Leaders” - a great one month reading plan designed to encourage, teach and inspire anyone who works with youth.