A big part of plugging in at 121 is serving others, out of gratitude for the impact Christ has had on our lives. The list below is a great starting point for ideas on where you might choose to use your skills and passions to serve others.

At the Church

Say YES!

Serve the body here at 121 in some of the following ways.

  • CreationLand Team

    Life Group Leaders

    LifeGroup Helpers for 2 year olds, available for the 9:15a and 11a service. Help assist LifeGroup Leaders with Bible Story recaps; activities; crafts, etc.


    Helpers for 1 year olds, available for the 9:15a service. Help assist Leaders on loving on & caring for 1 year olds.

    Discovery Fun Leaders

    Discovery Fun Leaders, available for the 11a service. Lead preschool aged groups in hands on activities reinforcing Bible lessons.

  • 121KIDS Team Opportunities

    Lifegroup Leader

    As a LifeGroup Leader, your role would be to lead a small group of children each week in Bible study using the provided curriculum and committing to the spiritual development of each child in your LifeGroup. 9:15am service opportunities are for 2nd grade, 4th grade boys, and 5th grade girls. 11am service opportunities are for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade.


    Someone who can hang out in our lobbies during service on Sunday mornings to help greet, and usher any late arrivals and create a safe environment for families.

    Lifegroup Assistant

    Assist the LifeGroup leader in facilitating a small group of children - generally not responsible for the main teaching role however may be asked to sub on occasion. This is available for all grades.

  • 121 Students Middle School Team Opportunities

    Lifegroup Leader

    (11am service) - Build relationships with and lead small group of students to Jesus on a daily, weekly, and ongoing basis. This role is for someone who can commit to at least one year with the students. Long-term would be ideal!

    Lifegroup Assistant

    (11am service) - Invest in students relationally and help LifeGroup Leader in anyway needed. This would be someone who would potentially be interested in being a LifeGroup Leader down the road.


    Someone who can hang downstairs on Wednesday nights before, and a little after service starts to help greet and usher any new or late arrivals. We will need the same for downstairs on a Sunday morning before and a little after service starts.

    Wednesday Night "A" Team

    Help with interacting and being silly (i.e. playing games and hanging out) with the students throughout the night as well help with setting and picking up food on Wednesday nights.

  • 121 Students High School Team Opportunities

    Lifegroup Leaders

    Commit to be there every Sunday night from 4:00-7:00pm. 4:00pm will be LifeGroup leader meetings for training and prayer time. Starting at 4:30pm is hang out time with kids and to help get your kids checked in. Lead small group time with students. During the week make contact with students to be a part of their world. 2x month - meet with students outside of Sunday night. LifeGroup leaders are key role to reaching students.


    Help pick up food, set-up, and serve on Wednesday nights. Clean up food when done. We will serve pizza most of the time. 4:00-5:00.


    Trained by Justin Long & David Parker. Would be great if could meet prior to Sunday to go over slides, but if not, plan on meeting at 3:30 or 4:00 to be done by 4:30 when students arrive. Work with speaker to manage slides and any other effects needed for game and talk.

  • Community Groups Team Opportunities

    Lifegroup Leaders

    A LifeGroup leader will teach, facilitate, and build relationships with members of their group with 5 or more people gathered centering their lives on God’s word and usually meet in homes, workplaces, coffee shops, gyms, restaurants and other places in the community.

    222 Leaders

    222 leaders will lead groups of 4 or less that have a more intensive focus on studying God’s word, with the intent that at some point those being led would lead someone in the same way they have been taught. These are based on 2 Timothy 2:2.

  • Hospitality Team Opportunities

    Parking Team

    Greets our guests as they pull in the parking lot. They help the flow of parking, entering and departure of everyone in the parking lot. The parking team also greets new guests and help direct them to the right location.The serving time is 30 minutes prior to service weekly. Currently need 4 people per service, for the 9:15am and the 11am services.

    We also need 2 people for the the end of the 11am service from about 12pm-1pm to run traffic and pickup cones.

    Shuttle Drivers

    Bring all volunteers from the GCISD Stadium to the 121 doors and to return them safely during our morning services. Special event opportunities may occur as well. Must be 25 with a regular drivers license. Times available to serve are 7am-9am, 9am-11am, and 11am-1pm. We are looking for 2 drivers per time slot available.

    No special driver's license needed!


    Stand at the doors welcoming everyone as they walk into the building. Greeters write name tags for everyone. Greeters also walk new guests to the info desk to be given more information about 121. The serving time is 30 minutes prior to service weekly. Currently need 4 people for the 9:15am and the 11am services and 2 people for the 5pm service.


    Stand at the worship center doors welcoming people as they enter into the worship center. Ushers help seat our guests. Ushers also hold the offering baskets at the end of their service for 5 minutes after the service ends. The serving time is 20 minutes prior to service and finishes once the preaching begins. There are also assigned ushers to count attendance for each service. Currently need 3 per service for 9:15am, 11am, and 5pm services.

    Emergency Response Team

    We are expanding our emergency response team and are looking for volunteers to help us out!

    Who we need:

    Current or retired Police, EMT, Paramedics

  • Worship Team Opportunities

    Camera Operators

    Operate cameras in the adult worship services to help translate what is happening on stage to both the room and the web broadcast. Currently need people for our 9:15am, 11am, and 5pm services.

    Stage Hands

    Help with equipment during transitions for the adult worship services and during any special events. Currently need people for our 9:15am, 11am, and 5pm services.

    Media Operators

    Operate media to help communicate what’s happening on stage. Includes lyrics, scripture, pictures videos or any other content needed. This is for the worship center as well as worship areas for kids and student services. Currently need people for our 9:15am, 11am, and 5pm services.

  • Mission Team Opportunities

    Projects & Events

    Help coordinate and organize local mission projects and serving opportunities. This type of role is seasonal and project-specific based on what we have going on.

    Refugee Family Friend

    Befriend a refugee family to offer practical help and encouragement as they begin their new life in America. Connect with the family by phone, text, or in person at least once a week.

    Missionary Prayer Team

    Pray regularly for one of 121’s missionaries or global mission partners. You will receive regular updates for praying individually, as a family, or with a Community Group!

  • Office/Administration Team Opportunities

    Office Coverage

    During the weekly office hours (M-F, 9am-5pm) - length of time varies.

    Someone to help cover the office (answer phones, greet people, light tasks) - this is mostly during needed lunch breaks and staff meetings.

    Chair Stuffing

    1-1.5 hours during office hours (M-F, 9am-5pm)

    Someone to come stuff the chair backs in the worship center - time is flexible as long as it is during office hours.

    Online Chat Hosting

    Host our services and chat online to greet and talk with those who attend our services online. This role including chatting on our live.121cc.com site as well as our FB Stream. Roles are available for our 9:15a, 11a, and 5p services.

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Local Opportunities

There are so many ways to be a neighbor to people in DFW!

  • Neighbors in the Mustang Community: Volunteer at the GPD Community Outreach Center

    The Community Outreach Center (established by the Grapevine Police Department) provides multiple avenues to build relationships with adults and children and help them flourish.

    Valuable After-School Time (VAST): Adult and high school age mentors come one afternoon each week to the Community Outreach Center on Mustang Drive. Mentors will help 1st through 5th graders with homework and reading, play games and help with activities, and mostly be a positive influence and Christ-centered role model. Contact grapevinevast@gmail.com

    English Conversation Club for adults: Join others from 121 to help community residents improve their English. No foreign language skills necessary! Thursdays 6:30-8:00pm. Contact Gail

    There are many other opportunities such as GED tutoring, computer literacy classes, and more.

    Find more info and the volunteer application here: Community Outreach Center.

  • Neighbors in the Mustang Community: Produce Market

    Join others from 121 to host a low-cost, fresh produce market and build relationships in the Mustang community. The market happens every Saturday from 9:30-11:30 at Community Outreach Center(3010 Mustang Dr. Grapevine) Contact Tim Green.

  • Neighbors in the Mustang Community: 121 Invite Team

    This team meets the second Sunday of each month to visit door to door in the Mustang Drive area to pray for people and invite them to 121.

    Contact Bryan Bundick

  • Children/Students: Timberline Elementary Pen Pal

    Partner with this local school to help students improve their writing skills.

    Participants are paired with a student and write in a shared journal twice a month. This an opportunity to not only help a student improve their writing skills, but also to act a mentor.

    Contact Bryan Bundick

  • Refugees: Family Friendships & Good Neighbor Teams

    Family Friendships: Be a Family Friend to a refugee family, helping them adjust to life in the U.S. and sharing the love of Christ in practical ways. Most refugees have children, so this is a great opportunity for the entire family! (3-month commitment or more) Find more information here.

    Good Neighbor Team: This is a tremendous opportunity for a Community Group or a few families coming together to resettle a new family arriving in DFW closer to the Grapevine area (ideally the Mustang Community). The GNT will prepare together over several weeks to be ready to meet the family at DFW airport and help them settle into an apartment. The GNT creates loving, mutually beneficial relationships with their partnered refugees through weekly visits to the family and assisting with the resettlement process. (6-month commitment or more)

    Contact us if you are interested in a 121CC Good Neighbor Team, or see more here.

  • Orphans: Foster Care & Adoption

    Attend a Foster Care and Adoption Information Meeting in our area to better understand the foster care system and the needs of kids and families. This is a great first step toward fostering, adopting, or coming alongside another family caring for vulnerable children. Get Started Here.

    Contact us to connect with others at 121 who have experience in adoption or foster care.

    For international adoption, a great place to begin exploring is the Christian Alliance for Orphans.

  • The Unborn: Help for Women Facing Unplanned Pregnancy

    Volunteer at Cura Women’s Care Clinic in Grapevine to support women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

    There are many organizations in our area and lots of ways to serve and connect with women who are in process of choosing life. See more at ServeNorthTexas.com

  • The Unborn: Mentor Women Facing Unplanned Pregnancy

    Cura Women’s Clinic is committed to supporting our clients and their babies even after the crisis of the pregnancy has passed. Our Care Coordinator connects mothers and families with a mentor from the local church community, who will link arms with the mother to provide support, love, and practical help as she parents her child. Our mentors and staff work in tandem to plug our clients into churches where they can grow in their relationship with the Lord, and receive the love and support of a faith family.

    Contact Rachel Avila

  • Neighbors in Hurst-Euless-Bedford: Volunteer with 6 Stones

    There are many ways to serve with 6 Stones to meet needs and build relationships in the HEB area.

    New Hope Center: This is a place for families to find hope and get emergency assistance of food, clothing and other resources. Volunteer counselors meet and pray with each family coming for assistance, and others help organize food and clothing donations.

    Home Repair through Community Powered Revitalization (CPR): CPR is a joint effort between 6 Stones, cities, businesses and churches to help struggling homeowners with home repairs. There are opportunities to build relationships with homeowners as we meet some of their practical needs. There are two large CPR weekends each year and smaller projects throughout the year.

    Community Ministries: Meet people in apartment communities or joint block parties, and help with Kids Clubs and adult groups to discuss topics like the Bible, ESL, job skills, family relationships, and more. There are dozens of opportunities just waiting for someone to say “Yes, I’ll help.” 6 Stones will train and connect you!

    Family Serve Day: One Saturday each month, 6 Stones organizes projects for families where even young children can begin learning to serve others.

    There are many more ways to meet people, build relationships, and serve through 6 Stones. http://www.6stones.org

Explore more opportunities to serve, connect with organizations and engage in their communities!

Visit ServeNorthTexas.com

Global Opportunities

  • Honduras: Orphan Outreach


    Sponsor one of the most vulnerable children in Honduras through our partners at Orphan Outreach.


    Pledge to pray for Orphan Outreach’s work to serve vulnerable children around the world.


    Giving a small amount can cover the cost of a child’s backpack. Large gifts can fund projects impacting whole communities of kids and families.


    Go on a mission trip and serve some of the most vulnerable children in the world!

  • Disaster Relief

    Contact us if you would like to be involved in disaster relief efforts as we bring help and the hope of Jesus in times of tremendous need.

  • Czech Republic: Young Life


    Contact us to receive regular updates and prayer needs from Young Life leaders in Ostrava, Czech Republic.


    Contact us if you are interested in making an investment in the Czech Republic or other Young Life ministries.


    121 partners with Young Life each summer to host an English and sports/activities camp for Junior High age kids.

    HOST AN EXCHANGE STUDENTContact us to learn more about hosting an international student through Young Life’s AMICUS program.

  • North Africa & Middle East

    Arab World Media


    Sign up to receive Breakthrough, which gives regular updates and prayer needs as AWM shares the truth and hope of Jesus Christ with Muslims every day.


    Give to support the work of media campaigns and front-line responders in the Arab World.


    Sign up to receive Impact, a monthly update from the work of AWM.

  • Cambodia: International Justice Mission


    Sign up to receive weekly IJM prayer update emails and notification of other urgent needs.

    Contact us to receive regular updates and prayer needs from the IJM Cambodia office.


    Become an IJM Freedom Partner: By making a monthly commitment of $24 or more, you're taking a stand to protect the poor from violence around the world.


    121 organizes annual trips to Cambodia (which includes visiting IJM) and to the IJM Global Prayer Gathering. Contact us to learn more.


    Contact us to learn more about connecting personally, or as a family or Community Group, with our IJM Cambodia partners.

  • India: Cooperative Outreach of India


    Compassion International was involved in India for years, funding schools and community development efforts in partnership with local churches. COI operated one of Compassion’s centers in North India and took responsibility when Compassion was forced to leave the country.

    These sponsorships are now being administered by Genesis of Hope in coordination with COI to provide hope to children living in extreme material poverty.

    Sponsor through Genesis of Hope


    Learn about the work of Cooperative Outreach of India and sign up to receive updates with prayer needs.


    121 organizes trips to serve alongside COI and other partners in India as needs and opportunities arise. Contact us to learn more.

  • Religious Freedom & Persecution

    Connect with 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative in their vision to create a world where religious freedom is embraced as a universal right.

    Pray with Wilberforce Initiative

    Volunteer with Wilberforce Initiative

    The Voice of the Martyrs offers practical and spiritual help to persecuted Christians around the world.

    Commit to pray and stay informed by subscribing to VOM’s monthly newsletter. Pack an Action Pack to help and encourage persecuted believers around the world. Write a letter to a Christian who is in prison for his/her faith.

  • Persecuted Christians: The Voice of the Martyrs

    The Voice of the Martyrs offers practical and spiritual help to persecuted Christians around the world.

    Commit to pray and stay informed by subscribing to VOM’s monthly newsletter.
    Pack an Action Pack to help and encourage persecuted believers around the world.
    Write a letter to a Christian who is in prison for his/her faith.

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