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Friday, Mar 23, 2018 - Saturday, Mar 24, 2018
Friday, March 23rd 6:00-9pm OR Saturday, March 24th 9am-1pm


Get equipped to make disciples within your sphere of influence! 

M:28 is a simple, relevant, and reproducible strategy designed to identify spiritual seekers, guide them in truth discovery, lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and equip them to be disciple-makers in their places of impact. 

Join us to learn this life-changing biblical method of sharing the gospel!

Friday, March 23rd 6:00-9pm


Saturday, March 24th 9am-1pm

M:28 introduces people to an authentic biblical community experience while allowing them to explore God’s life-changing truth for themselves. M:28 has proven to work in any culture and dimension of society.

What is M:28 and what it is not? 

M:28 is not simply a bible study method, M:28 is a disciple-making lifestyle. 

It is about people showing groups of people through living and reading God's Word how to: " Walk with Jesus " Discover The Father " Abide in and Obey the Holy Spirit " Make disciples who make disciples M:28 is a work of God, so prayer and depending on and obeying the Holy Spirit are essential aspects of M:28. M:28 movements occur naturally and spontaneously, yet certain principles are operative when a movement happens. It is often messy and seemingly out of control. 

It is not hierarchical, systematic, or highly structured and managed. M:28 is not about making converts but about making obedient, reproducing disciples M:28 is about every disciple becoming a disciple-maker M:28 at it's core is about spiritual multiplication (disciples, groups, leaders, etc.) 

M:28 is about finding where God is working through people of peace (seekers) M:28 disciple-making is simple, not requiring prior knowledge, but simply hearing and obeying God's truth.