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A Conversation About Unbelief

We sometimes think we cannot bring our questions of unbelief to God, yet we see again and again that we can and that is actually the way forward in a great relationship with God.

List of Books:

Messy Grace - Caleb Kaltenbach

Out of a far Country - Christopher Yuan

The secret Thoughts of an unlikely convert ) - Rosaria Butterfield

A Transgender‘s Faith - Walt Heyer

The Third Option - Miles McPherson

Under our skin - Ben Watson

Live not by lies - Rod Dreher

A practical guide to culture - John Stonestreet

Evidence that demands a verdict - Josh McDowell

Ross Sawyers Leadership
Ross Sawyers
Lead Pastor

Primary Scripture

John 20:24–29

Supporting Scripture:

Mark 9:24, Jude 1:20–21, 1 Peter 1:8–9

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