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Betrayed: How To Restore The Relationship

Once there has been betrayal, is it possible to restore the relationship?

Jim Newheiser, Professor of CounselingCharacteristics of worldly sorrow:

  1. Self-focused; self-protective.
  2. Doesn’t primarily hate the sin; hates the consequences of sin.
  3. Blame-shifting.
  4. Resents accountability.
  5. Impatient – demanding to be trusted and restored immediately.
  6. Focuses on the sins of others.
  7. Criticizes the disciplinary process.
  8. Unchanged (hard) heart.
  9. No fruit.

Characteristics of godly sorrow:

  1. Focused on God and other person; well-being of others is first priority
  2. Hates the sin itself; accepts the consequences of the sin.
  3. Fully accepts responsibility.
  4. Seeks accountability.
  5. Patient.
  6. Focuses upon their own sin.
  7. Submits to the disciplinary process.
  8. Changed heart.
  9. Fruit.
Ross Sawyers Leadership
Ross Sawyers
Lead Pastor

Primary Scripture

John 21

Supporting Scripture:

2 Corinthians 7:10, 1 Peter 3:18

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