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Real Conversations In Truth and Love

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Real Conversations In Truth and Love

Having real conversations about hard topics is just that - hard. In fact, it can be scary.

People are quick to anger and judgement. Some will call others names and unfriend them on social media. They hide behind the keyboard and anonymity, letting differences divide them. Other people are afraid of confrontation and hard topics because they’re afraid of losing a relationship. Some will even hide their true feelings from the ones closest to them.

These are just a few examples of how we respond, there are many others. But what’s the right way? How do we have loving and empathetic conversations without compromising on honesty? We must learn how to communicate in healthy ways with people we disagree with, and in our new series, Real Conversations, we’ll look to Jesus for insight.

Join us as we explore how Jesus responded to those who disagreed with Him, hated Him and tempted Him. The New Testament records life-altering conversations Jesus had with people facing defining experiences and choices. The way Jesus carried Himself, and the insights He shared, give us glimpses of His character, and will also give us practical help as we face similar situations. Along the way, we'll learn how to empathize with difficult people we interact with on a daily basis.