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Real Conversations Recaps

Watch these short videos from Ross to dive deeper into each weekly message.

Week 13 Recap: What Is A Worldview?

Ross recaps how important it is to understand where people are coming from before we engage in a real conversation with them. Watch this video to learn about three different views people have when looking and thinking about the world.

Week 12 Recap: Timely Silence, Timely Words

In this weekly recap, Ross shares how Jesus uses timely silence and timely words to respond to His accusers. Watch this video to learn more.

Week 11 Recap: Trapped....Now How Do I Respond?

Ross shares how scripture was manipulated by religious officials who caught a woman in adultery. Watch this recap video to learn how Jesus responded to both the officials and the woman.

Week 10 Recap: That's A Good Question

Who is Jesus to you?

Week 9 Recap: Giving Hope To The Grieving

In this video, we learn ways we can bring hope and comfort to those who are grieving.

Week 8 Recap: The 'One Thing' I Can't Let Go Of

In this video, Ross asks us to take a look at that "one thing" in our lives we might be holding onto that is more important than having a relationship with Jesus.

Week 7 Recap: Dealing with External, Superficial, Self-righteous, Hypocritical Religious People

Ross shares how Jesus responded to questions from religious people. He tells them what God is really saying, clearly exposes their hypocrisy and explains how God is ultimately after our hearts and our focus.

Week 6: A Powerful Calm For A Troubled Mind

For a variety of reasons, people can have a troubled mind. Be it demonic, physical / chemical issue, sin, or trauma that’s happened to them - people struggle with the way of thinking. In Mark 5:1-20 Jesus moves towards a man possessed by demons. Watch Ross’ video to learn how we can help people who are struggling with a troubled mind.

Week 5 Recap: On Whose Authority

Eric reviews Jesus' conversation with the Centurion, who was a man of great authority. Watch this video to learn more.

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Week 4 Recap: A Conversation With The Father

At the end of his ministry, Jesus has a conversation. with his father. He comes to God to bring Him glory, he prays for his disciples, and he prays for other people. Listen to Ross' recap video to learn more.

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Week 3: A Conversation With The Devil (Part 2)

Storing scripture in your heart is the best way to be prepared to decisively counter the lies and doubt Satan tells us. Listen to Ross' scripture montage and be inspired to store God's Word in your heart.

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Week 2: A Conversation With The Devil (Part 1)

Ross recaps Sunday, January 10th's message about Jesus' encounter with Satan in the wilderness. Plus, he shares three ways we can decisively counter Satan's lies.

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Week 1: Establishing Worship Where There Is None

How do we have a conversation about Jesus with non-believers? Ross shares tips on how to get started by looking Jesus as the perfect example. Watch this video to learn more.

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