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We are so excited to offer 5 different types of camp this year! Scroll below to see all our different offerings.

Middle & High School Summer Camp 2021

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Who’s ready to get away from the Texas heat and enjoy the nice weather and scenery at Estes Park, CO???!!

Each year one of the best weeks of the year happens in the summer when we load up and go to camp together.

We will enjoy a week together of fun and adventure- stories we will tell over and over again. It will be a time to encounter God in the mountains of Estes Park, CO.

  • FAQS

    Will this be an amazing week?

    Umm... YES!!!!!!!!!!

    What is the camp site like?

    We will be at the YMCA of the Rockies. Check out this site for more info -

    What is the camp cost?

    $350 with a deposit of $100 due at registration. Final balance is due 5/24/2021.

    Are the middle school students and high school students going to be together at camp?

    HIGH SCHOOL CAMP (completed grades 9-12) WEEK IS JUNE 27-July 2.

    MIDDLE SCHOOL CAMP WEEK (completed grades 6-8) IS JULY 18-23.

    How will we get to camp?

    We will take charter buses to and from. We will leave 121CC at approx. 9:30pm on June 28th (times subject to change) for HIGH SCHOOL AND 9:30pm on July 19th for MIDDLE SCHOOL. We will stop along the way for breakfast before arriving at camp.

    When will we return?

    We plan to get back late evening (close to midnight) on JULY 2nd for HIGH SCHOOL AND JULY 23rd for MIDDLE SCHOOL. We will let you know on our way back if anything looks like it will change.

    What will we eat?

    Once at camp, we will eat at the dining hall. On the road, we will make stops to eat.

    Do I need extra money?

    Each student will need money for meals on the road - 4 meals. $40 - 50 should do. Also there are opportunities to purchase Student Life swag at camp and some additional free time activities that can cost extra money. Check for more info.

    COVID Policy:

    At a minimum, Student Life is asking all campers to abide by the following guidelines:

    -Pass a simple health screening questionnaire and temperature check before leaving for camp, upon arriving to camp, and on a daily basis during the camp session.

    -Face coverings will be required for all attendees and staff at Student Life Camp. Approved face coverings must be properly worn at all times while indoors, and outdoors if not socially distanced. Student Life Camp will not provide face coverings but will have them available for purchase on site. If you are medically exempt from wearing a mask, we ask that you wear a face shield or similar approved face covering.

    For more info about other camp specifics in regards to covid-19 from Student Life go here:

    If you are in need of a scholarship, please click here.

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Student Life Camp For KIDS!

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Student Life For Kids Camp will challenge kids and leaders to see what their lives say about what they love. As they realize the message they send out about their favorite sports teams, school subjects, and music bands, they will also discover what it means to live unashamed of the gospel.

This over night camp is for kids completed 3rd - 5th Grade and will take place on June 3 - 6th in Waxahachie, TX. Click here to view more info, FAQs, schedule information and more!



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This year, we will be having both our Active and Active Jr. Summer Camps! Registration will open at the end of May. Our dates and times for each camps are listed below.


This camp is reserved for students who have completed 1st through 5th Grade. We will be offering two sessions during the week of June 21 - 24. The first session will be 9a - 12p and the second will take place from 2p - 5p. The cost of this camp is $50.

Active JR:

This camp is reserved for children aged 4 - completed kindergarten. Active Jr will be held during the week of June 14 - 17 between 9a -12p. The cost of this camp is $50.