God has blessed me so much with a role in equipping the Body of Christ at 121 to join in His Mission to make Himself known to all peoples so they may know and worship Him. I enjoy helping people step into other cultures to communicate the Gospel and demonstrate what life in God’s Kingdom is like. I also love helping to equip the church in some foundational areas of theology and Bible study.

I am married to Keri, who I will never deserve, and we have two incredible kids, Silas and Elise.

I’m inspired by the themes we see over and over in the Bible, particularly that God’s heart is for all peoples of the earth (Psalm 67; Revelation 7:9-10) and that He will establish His Kingdom where there will be an end to all that is wrong with the world as we know it (Revelation 21:1-4). I’m also inspired by people who embody these themes in their lives, and I get to work with them a lot! God uses them in huge ways to sustain my passion for His purposes.

I really, really, really like cold weather. And mountains. Which is why I live in Texas.

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