Questions about In-Person Worship? Click Here

We are glad to welcome (and welcome back) more and more people each week to in-person worship services here at 121. To ease your transition into in-person worship participation, we have put in place a variety of options, tailored to different comfort levels:

Services and Locations:

First, we remain firmly committed to producing compelling online services. We are grateful for the opportunity to provide online experiences to worship and encounter God’s Word at 9:15 and 11am in English, and at 5pm in Spanish.

Second, for those desiring in-person worship with added elements of caution, we offer the following two options:

a. 8am: Our contemplative formatted service, with live teaching, limited music, and various reflective elements. This smaller-setting service features pre-set social-distance seating and a masks-required section. We meet in the 121Students worship space upstairs.

b. 9:15am: A live simulcast of our 9:15am service, meeting in the upstairs Flex Room. This service features pre-set social-distance seating, and masks are required.

Third, our most popular in-person service options are our Sunday services in the main Worship Center at 9:15am and 11am.

Finally, we have a thriving in-person Spanish-language service at 5pm, also in our main Worship Center.

Masking Policies

Unless otherwise noted above, we extend personal choice on masking and open seating for all attendees, volunteers and staff.

For those who exercise a personal choice to not wear a mask, we do ask and expect that you will exhibit care and thoughtfulness toward those who arrive in masks. Please provide ample personal space, and mask up before approaching masked attenders for conversation.

Illness Policies

If you or anyone in your household is experiencing COVID-like symptoms or feels ill in any way, please love your neighbor by worshiping from home. This applies to all attendees, volunteers and staff.

Thank you to everyone who has been so gracious in walking this unique and most-difficult year of ministry with us here at 121. As we look ahead to this next phase of adjustments, and no-doubt additional phases to follow, know that we continue to pray for the kind of unity that reflects our bond of unity in Christ.